Main differences between Canyon Ultimate and Endurace Road Bikes

At Terra Bike Tours we have two types of road bikes from our bike partner Canyon each with a different geometry: Ultimate and Endurace.

People often wonder what the differences are between this two models of racing bikes when they want to rent from us, so we will review and compare them here for your convenience taking in consideration the different bike frames they have.

Generally speaking, the Canyon Ultimate is a climber bike and the Canyon Endurace was designed for long distance rides when you seek comfort.

Both bikes are offer with the regular CF SL carbon frame and with the lightest Canyon carbon frame CF SLX.

The Ultimate is a bit longer than the Endurace which results in a more aggressive geometry. This makes the bike lightning responsive especially while riding upright. This doesn’t mean that this is an uncomfortable bike. Canyon was able to design a bike at the intersection of comfort, lightness and stiffness. This balance on top of its high performance for mountain biking made this model the bike of choice for Team Katusha Alpecin and the Movistar Team for their tough and epic mountain stages.

On the other hand, the Endurace is the bike of choice for casual riders that want to enjoy long distance rides without compromising on performance. The name gives us a clue about this bike performance: “Endurace”, is a wordplay between Endure and Race. Do not confuse with Endurance. This is a very versatile bike that will meet your needs in many situations. You can use this bike for long rides through well paved flat roads but also on rides through uneven mountain roads. This is because the geometry is designed to absorb pavement roughness. Besides this versatility, the bike is a bit shorter than the Ultimate which makes it more comfortable. An upright riding position reduces the load placed on the back and shoulders to provide the ideal geometry for endurance riding.

In summary, if you want to push yourself while climbing high mountain passes or if you’re in it to compete rather than being a “finisher”, you should go for the Ultimate. If what you want is to rack up on miles prioritising comfort without compromising on performance, the Endurance is for you.

You can test one of our Canyon bikes in one of our rental stations or you can buy one in second hand at the end of the season. Usually we serve them for sale by fall.