Mountain Bike ride to improve your skills

Overcome your fears, have better control on your bike, and start enjoying the MTB world as you have never done before. At Terra Bike tours we launch a new MTB ride concept, Enjoy you ride while improving your MTB technical skills together with our high Qualify MTB guide Manel Ibars  For this purpose, we scheduled different rides in Collserola natural [...]

coming soon… canyon e-mtb!

Right on time for the start of the season, we will add Canyon’s first ever E-MTB to our bikes at Barcelona! You can look forward to an innovative full suspension bike with lots of detailed solutions and enough suspension travel for exciting adventure rides – more details not to be revealed yet… Stay tuned! This bike will be perfect to enjoy the [...]

Main differences between Canyon Ultimate and Endurace Road ...

At Terra Bike Tours we have two types of road bikes from our bike partner Canyon each with a different geometry: Ultimate and Endurace. People often wonder what the differences are between this two models of racing bikes when they want to rent a road bike from us, so we will review and compare them here for your convenience taking in consideration the [...]