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QuebrantaHuestos gran fondo

Duration: 2 Days / 1 Night Location: Sabiñánigo Type: Race Level: 5 Average / Day: 200 Km - 125 Miles When?: 22 Junio 2019 Minimum: 1 From price: 239 €
Grand Fondo QH. Start line race. more than 10.000 bike together
Gran Fondo QH in Pyrenees Spain France
Zona expo de Gran Fondo Quebrantahuesos

The QuebrantaHuesos Grand Fondo is the biggest, hardest and most prestigious popular race in Spain. In 2019 it’s celebrated on June 22nd together with it’s shorter option called TrepaRiscos.


The pack offered by Terra Biketours allows access to a no-draw number, even after the registration deadline, and includes hotel accommodation and breakfast.

The QuebrantaHuesos Gran Fondo (QH) is the Spain’s most popular and well known cycling race. It is named after a type of vulture that lives at high altitudes, and it’s very popular on that area of the Pyrenees. The same day it is celebrated the TrepaRiscos Medio Fondo (TR) which can be considered the QH’s small sister.

During the race there are four ascents as Somport, Marie Blanque, Portalet and Hoz de Jaca. These mythical ports of the Pyrenees are distributed along the 200 kilometers of the route and accumulate a total climb of 3,500 meters. With these numbers it is not surprising that the date of the QH is every year marked in red in the calendars of lots of Spanish cyclists as it’s one of the most important moments of the season.

The shorter option for this race is the TrepaRiscos, which offers a 85km route climbing to the Cotefablo. The accumulated elevation is 1350 meters which makes the route much more affordable.

The fully-supported QH Gran Fondo, attracts over 11000 lottery-winning riders every year to the high Pyrenees, Terra Bike Tours have arranged for coveted premier entries to ride in the QH. The pack also includes one night hotel in the area and breakfast.

More information about the race on QH website.


QuebrantaHuesos Gran Fondo profile:

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TrepaRiscos Medio Fondo profile:

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Zona expo de Gran Fondo Quebrantahuesos

Race number pick-up

Number pick-up will take place at the Pirenarium building on the 21st of June 2019 from 12:00h to 21:30h, and on the actual day of the event from 5:30h to 6:15h (AM), just one before the start.

Gran Fondo Quebrantahuesos

SATURDAY June 22nd 2019

QuebrantaHuesos o TrepaRiscos, each rider faces the challenge previously chosen.

Probably the most important day of the season for many cyclists and an unforgetable experience.

INCLUDED in the price

  • 1 night accomodation in double room / half board occupancy in Formigal 3* hotel
  • Guaranteed race number for the race
  • Breackfast

NOT INCLUDED in the price

  • Transfer from Barcelona and back
  • Barcelona accommodations before the tour or after (Optional upon request)
  • All that is not included in the Half board in Hotels, like Drinks, extras, Phone calls, Wi-Fi confections when not included, minibar, etc.


Cyclist in double room occupancy Formigal 3* hotel + race number + brackfast239 €/person
Cyclist in double room occupancy Jaca 4* hotel + race number + breackfast292 €/person

OPTIONAL extras per person

preferred race start position55 €/person
extra night in Jaca 4* hotel109.45 €/person
extra night in Formigal 3* hotel64.63 €/person
single room in Jaca 4* hotel99.50 €/person
single room in Formigal 3* hotel30.25 €/person
Bike rentalask for prices €/person


Duration: 2 Days / 1 Night
Location: Sabiñánigo
Type: Race
Level: 5
Average: 200 Km - 125 Miles
When?: 22 Junio 2019
Minimum: 1

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